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Help for college students and mental health and wellness

New Horizons Psychological Services in New York recognizes the unique challenges that college students face in navigating academic pressures, social transitions, and personal development during this formative period of their lives. Their team of mental health professionals is committed to providing comprehensive support tailored to the specific needs of college students.

Here's how New Horizons Psychological Services can help with college students' mental health issues:

Individual Counseling: College students may experience a range of mental health concerns, including stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationship issues, identity exploration, and academic challenges. New Horizons offers individual counseling sessions where students can explore their concerns in a confidential and supportive environment. Therapists work collaboratively with students to develop coping strategies, build resilience, and address underlying issues affecting their well-being.

Crisis Intervention: In times of crisis or acute distress, New Horizons provides immediate support and intervention to college students. This may include crisis counseling, safety planning, and referrals to appropriate resources such as emergency services or psychiatric care.

Group Therapy: Group therapy offers college students the opportunity to connect with peers who may be facing similar challenges. New Horizons facilitates therapy groups on topics such as stress management, mindfulness, social skills, coping with perfectionism, and navigating transitions. Group therapy provides a supportive environment for students to share experiences, gain perspective, and learn from one another's insights.

Workshops and Psychoeducational Programs: New Horizons offers workshops and psychoeducational programs designed to enhance college students' mental health and well-being. Topics may include stress reduction techniques, time management skills, study strategies, assertiveness training, mindfulness practices, and self-care strategies. These programs empower students with practical tools and resources to manage academic and personal stressors more effectively.

Support for Academic Success: Mental health and academic success are closely interconnected. New Horizons collaborates with college students to address barriers to academic performance, such as procrastination, perfectionism, test anxiety, and concentration difficulties. Therapists work with students to develop personalized strategies for improving study habits, managing workload, and maintaining motivation.

Outreach and Prevention Initiatives: New Horizons engages in outreach and prevention efforts to promote mental health awareness and resilience among college students. This may include campus-wide events, wellness fairs, peer education programs, and collaborations with student organizations. By raising awareness and reducing stigma surrounding mental health, New Horizons strives to create a campus culture that prioritizes well-being and support.

Overall, New Horizons Psychological Services of New York is dedicated to supporting college students in their mental health journey, fostering resilience, growth, and success both inside and outside the classroom.

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