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Grief and loss

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) offers valuable support for individuals seeking online therapy to cope with the loss of a loved one through New Horizons Psychological Services in New York. In ACT sessions, individuals learn to navigate grief and find meaning and purpose in their lives despite their loss.

Through online therapy sessions with compassionate therapists, individuals explore mindfulness techniques to increase awareness of their emotions and experiences related to grief. They also learn acceptance strategies to acknowledge and validate their feelings without judgment or resistance.

ACT helps individuals clarify their values and set goals for living a meaningful life in the face of loss. Therapists provide a supportive and confidential online environment for individuals to process their grief, honor their loved one's memory, and develop strategies for self-care and resilience.

By integrating ACT principles into online therapy sessions, New Horizons Psychological Services helps individuals navigate the grieving process with compassion, strength, and a sense of purpose.

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