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Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy

CBT group therapy offers a supportive and structured environment for individuals seeking online therapy to improve interpersonal relationships and connections through New Horizons Psychological Services in New York. In CBT group sessions, participants learn practical skills and strategies derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to enhance their communication, assertiveness, and empathy.

Through online therapy sessions facilitated by skilled therapists, participants engage in cognitive restructuring exercises to challenge and reframe unhelpful thought patterns that may interfere with their relationships. They also practice interpersonal skills such as active listening, conflict resolution, and boundary setting in a supportive group setting.

CBT group therapy provides opportunities for individuals to receive feedback, support, and validation from peers who may be facing similar challenges in their relationships. Therapists at New Horizons Psychological Services create a safe and confidential online space for participants to share their experiences, explore interpersonal dynamics, and develop healthier ways of relating to others.

By participating in CBT group therapy, individuals can improve their interpersonal relationships, build stronger connections with others, and ultimately experience greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their social interactions and connections.

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