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Negotiating a Higher Salary: Master the DEAR MAN Skill for Success

Asking for a raise can be nerve-wracking, but it's a crucial step towards achieving your career goals and financial well-being. To increase your chances of a successful negotiation, consider using the DEAR MAN skill, a communication technique that emphasizes clarity, assertiveness, and respect.

What is DEAR MAN?

DEAR MAN is an acronym that stands for:

  • Describe: Clearly describe the situation and your desired outcome.

  • Express: Express your feelings and thoughts about the situation.

  • Assert: Assertively state your request or position.

  • Reinforce: Reinforce the positive consequences of your request.

  • Mindful: Remain mindful and present during the conversation.

  • Appear confident: Project confidence in your abilities and your request.

  • Negotiate: Be open to negotiation and compromise.

How to Use DEAR MAN for Salary Negotiation

  1. Prepare: Research salary ranges for your position and industry, gather evidence of your accomplishments and contributions, and set a clear target salary.

  2. Describe: Clearly explain why you deserve a raise, focusing on your achievements, skills, and added value to the company.

  3. Express: Share how you feel about your current salary and express your desire for a raise that reflects your worth.

  4. Assert: Confidently state your desired salary and provide a clear justification for it.

  5. Reinforce: Highlight the positive impact a raise would have on your motivation, productivity, and loyalty to the company.

  6. Mindful: Stay focused on the conversation, listen actively to your employer's response, and be prepared to address any concerns they may have.

  7. Appear confident: Maintain a calm and confident demeanor, even if you feel nervous.

  8. Negotiate: Be willing to compromise and explore alternative solutions, such as additional benefits or bonuses.


"I've been with the company for two years now, and I'm proud of the contributions I've made to the team. I've consistently exceeded my performance goals, successfully led several projects, and developed innovative solutions that have saved the company money. I'm excited about the company's future and eager to continue contributing to its success. However, I feel that my current salary doesn't fully reflect my value and contributions. I'd like to request a raise to [desired salary], which is in line with industry standards and my experience level. This would not only recognize my past achievements but also motivate me to continue excelling in my role."

Additional Tips:

  • Practice your DEAR MAN script beforehand to feel more confident and prepared.

  • Be prepared to answer questions about your performance and justify your request.

  • If your initial request is not met, be open to negotiating a smaller raise or additional benefits.

  • Thank your employer for their time and consideration, regardless of the outcome.

Remember, negotiating a higher salary is a skill that can be developed with practice and confidence. By mastering the DEAR MAN technique, you'll be well-equipped to advocate for your worth and achieve your financial goals.

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